Deep in the Louisiana cajun country, back in the swamps where few people dare to venture, lives a legendary figure that is rarely seen. As long as anyone can remember ‘round these parts, the legend of Crazy Caiman has been as much a part of the swamp as gators and Spanish moss.

They say, when the wind blows just right and the sun is just about to sink into the swamp, you can catch a whiff of his culinary concoctions. He’s been known to get a little rowdy, come Mardi Gras time, in the wee hours of the night, along Bourbon Street, but it’s his recipes that created the legend. When he cooks, even the swamp critters take notice. I once heard of a good ‘ole boy lucky enough to try his chicken and vegetables and he was never able to look at chicken the same way again.

So if your ever lucky enough to get a taste of Crazy Caiman’s Cajun Chicken, don’t pass it up or as the legend says….don’t be shy….get you some!